Finding Right Work, Even When You Don’t Need Money

Warren Hellman died too young. He was 77 years old when he passed away just over two years ago.

July 25th will mark his 79th birthday.

I had always wanted to meet Warren Hellman because, in the San Francisco Bay Area where I live, he was a living legend in his own time: a billionaire who found his right work, maybe even in spite of having so very much money. Eventually, I had the opportunity to interview him for my book, Finding Right Work: Five Steps to a Life You Love.

From a life perspective, Warren said that the best thing you can do for yourself is to choose a family to be born into that has some wealth. He called it the “lucky sperm club.” He had managed to do that himself by picking both the Levi Strauss and Wells Fargo families to form his family tree.

In addition, he was wildly successful in his own right, generating personal wealth far beyond most of our wildest dreams. He became a billionaire.

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