Abby Tollefson, Principal, Tollefson CoachingAbby Tollefson

Professional Coach


Career redesign and reinvention – Finding Right Work: individual and group coaching; Leadership Development; Off-site Facilitation.

Abby Tollefson, Principal and Founder of Tollefson Coaching, is a leader in the field of Professional Coaching. She is passionate about helping others recognize, cultivate and express their greatest personal and professional potential. She is dedicated to service, and brings an extraordinary commitment to the happiness and success of her clients.

Abby creates a trusted and uniquely supportive one-on-one partnership with her clients whereby introspection, accountability and commitment serve as the springboard for producing extraordinary change and growth. She has over 12 years of coaching experience in both the private and corporate sectors; working directly with individuals, leaders and senior management teams. She is highly intuitive and gifted at championing and assisting her clients in:

  • Designing, recognizing and fulfilling on desired personal and professional goals and objectives
  • Recognizing, taking responsibility for and moving beyond self-imposed barriers and limiting beliefs
  • Increasing confidence, personal fulfillment and self-awareness
  • Accessing personal, professional and leadership potential, priorities and outcomes
  • Identifying a communication style which commands presence, respect and inspires success

Abby’s coaching inspires clients to create work and life on their terms, leading to greater personal fulfillment, happiness and success. Abby’s clients report breakthrough and life-changing results professionally, personally and in all areas of life.

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The great leaders are like the best conductors –

             they reach beyond the notes to

                           reach the magic in the players.

Blaine Lee, The Power Principle – Influence with Honor