New Book Shows How to Find Right Work

SAUSALITO, CA – December 11, 2012

The way we work is changing continuously—and change is speeding up. Finding work, finding work that is right, and working right are skills we all need. And they are exactly the skills that Leni Miller guides readers through in her timely new book Finding Right Work: Five Steps to a Life You Love ($16.75 Amazon).

A professional in the job placement and search business for over thirty years, Miller knows what right work is—and she knows its value to companies, individuals, and the community at large. She interviewed thousands of people who had been dragging themselves to jobs that were wrong for them. She also interviewed a wide range of people who had found jobs or created work that energized, inspired, and satisfied them beyond anything they had thought possible. No surprise which group was more productive and happy.

“When I speak to groups about finding right work, many people don’t believe it’s possible to be really happy with work and have no idea what their right work would be,” says Miller. “That is why I wrote this book. I want everyone to know how to determine what is their right work and how to find it.”

Miller has teased out the common factors that define right work for people. It’s what makes the match—and it’s the right work—that inspires people and makes them happy. She saw clearly that people in their right work—work that best uses their gifts, skills, and talents, and that aligns with their personal values and priorities—had followed similar paths to discovering their own right work. Miller has distilled these similarities down into five steps. In Finding Right Work, she defines what right work is and provides detailed guidance for the process of finding it.

Why is this book so timely? A very high percentage of people hate their jobs—and a report published by the Society for Human Resource Management in October 2012 indicates a distinctly downward trend in employees’ overall satisfaction with their jobs. In Finding Right Work you’ll read of people of all ages who have dramatically changed their lives for the better as they discovered their right work—and some who transformed their existing work simply by identifying their current priorities and changing their attitudes. As Miller says, “It’s not as difficult to find right work as people think.  My book guides readers through the process.”

Leni Miller provides her readers with proven steps and specific actions to take en route to defining and discovering their own right work. She knows that those who read Finding Right Work and complete its guides for action will create or find their own right work. They, too, will know what it is like to honestly say: “I love what I do! Can you believe I get paid to do this?”

Finding Right Work: Five Steps to a Life You Love

(Leni Miller, $16.75, 234 pages, 6-1/4 x 9-1/4, paperback ISBN: 978-0615705958)

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