I start my new job – Thank you!


I will be starting my new job as the Executive Assistant to the CEO of a local Public School on Monday. I am so excited!

I wanted to say THANK YOU! You helped me find focus in my search to really understand what I wanted and how to get there. Your book gave me the confidence and a method to hone in on my search and really put myself out there. You were right -it was hard work in addition to working a full-time day job! And there were also nay-sayers (i.e. what do you mean you quit your job before having something else lined up)? 🙂

I got my offer for the new job last Friday, just as I was wrapping up my last hours at my current school. But even if the timing hadn’t worked out perfectly, I had faith that it would just be a matter of time before I found the right position.

I am enjoying this week off before powering into the new position.

Best regards,