What Is Your Right Work?

Why is unemployment still so high?

Where are all the jobs and why aren’t they coming back?

Why are so many people, ” looking for jobs in all the wrong places”?

The Sunday New York Times of May 17, 2013 included an enthusiastic readers response to Jared Bernstien’s query (Op-Ed, May 3) entitled “Where Have All the Jobs Gone?

Per Mr. Bernstein’s article, the jobless rate is still at 7.5 percent, with 11.7 million people looking for work, including 4.4 million who have been out of work for at least half a year. About eight million more were said to be “stuck” in underemployment as part-time workers who needed full time employment. Reader response was incredibly thoughtful relative to “An Economy in Transition” and there…

is where we begin our story…

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